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Secrets of Street Combat eBook

The Best Selling Self Defense Book Revealing The INSIDER SECRETS of The Most
Dangerous Street Fighting Systems On The Planet



Secrets Of Street Combat eBook

Book Details: 178 pages in total with lots of photos.
This Book Is So Unique, Special & Effective It Will Cause A Paradigm Shift In How You Use Violence

Secrets of Street Combat deals with worse case scenarios it’s about self preservation. This stuff isn’t about settling differences bare knuckle style that’s high school crap, it’s about street survival.

I don’t feed you a load of crap giving you illusions by making gimmick statements such as…If you want to disarm someone with a gun use our “secret technique” your attacker will never see you make your move. That’s not reality when it comes to
protecting yourself from violence in the real world
. That’s not what this book is about if that’s what you’re looking for then this book is not for you. Instead I stick with realistic solid basic psychological concepts and physical targeting tactics that places you 5 steps ahead of your VICTIM because that’s how you will see him after you read this book so you pulverize them. Here are the topics covered:

Chapter 1
Less Is More When It Comes To Personal Protection

This chapter discusses in depth how information overload can be dangerous during an adrenaline dump, causing you to have increased reaction time and mass confusion. The bottom line is you become frozen in the “fear/flight mode” causing you to become a victim because you don’t know what to do because you’re just standing there stuck on stupid as your attacker smashes your brains in.

Chapter 2
Practice Doesn’t Make Perfect, Perfect Practice Makes Perfect

Inside this chapter reveals the importance of how to properly train. How you train is how you respond because during violence you’re on auto pilot and you’re only half as good as when you train. These training philosophies are taken from my F.I.S.T Training Curriculum (Fighter’s Instinctive Scenario Training) as well as the same training principles that S.W.A.T, elite military divisions and the F.B.I use when they train.

Chapter 3
How To Control Fear With The Killer Instinct Mindset

I show you how to control fear so you don’t go into “flight/freeze mode”. Fear is a learned response and can be unlearned through proper triggering exercises. Combat is 90% mental and only 10% physical if you only train physically it doesn’t matter how good your physical tactics are because you won’t be able to use those tactics if you can’t control fear and go into a controlled rage (“fight mode”)

Chapter 4
The Six S’s

This chapter reveals to you the six fundamentals that you must have to be successful at
destroying your prey. If you miss out on one of these your dead meat plain and simple.

Chapter 5
There’s No Such Thing As A Dirty Fighter, Only An Educated One

Discover the best tricks of the meanest and dirties criminal’s and scrappers so you put
momentum on your side controlling the violence from start to finish forcing your prey to go into defensive mode so he cannot attack or respond to your assault turning your attacker into your bitch.

Chapter 6
Weapons Use & Improvisation

Discover how to properly maintain, carry, train, deploy and use your self defense
product/weapon. This chapter also covers how to transform everyday objects into weapons of mass destruction to stop anyone in there tracks.

Chapter 7
L .E .A .C. H – The Best Targets To Attack On The Human Body

Discover the best and most damaging and deadliest targets to attack on the human body to cause a domino type of response to your victims body so you have immediate control of them regardless of there size, strength or how tough and conditioned your prey is.

Chapter 8
Cheap Shots, Low Blows Cuz Anything Goes

Find out how to attack the L.E.A.C.H targets using natural and instinctive movements that are the most sinister offensive and defensive tactics that are on the planet today. Learn the best first strikes, dealing with multiple attackers and so much more.

Chapter 9
Weapons Disarming

Discover the dos and don’ts regarding weapons disarming. There are many dangerous myths regarding weapons disarming that have gotten people hurt or killed, this chapter breaks down these myths.


Here Is What Reader’s Are Saying,

Hey Norm, how ya doing ? Ive just read your book and I must admit I learned a hell of a lot from it. I do quite a bit of bare knuckle fighting so hopefully the things I picked up from the read I can put into practice. Thanks again buddy and have a great weekend.

Tim Cutcliffe


“This book will shatter all of your false notions about real street self protection and when you finish it, I promise you that never again will you fear any man.”

Charles Prosper, aka “The Street Fighting Sifu”


“Secrets of Street Combat is a true to life, gritty revelation of what it takes to not only survive a physical confrontation in a modern day urban environment; but to be victorious. Norm Bettencourt, reflects on his experiences as a bouncer and his training as a black belt martial artist to provide the reader with sound, practical advice in reality based self defense.”
Andy Curtiss – Author and Professional Mixed Martial Arts Athlete


Thank you very much for calling me today. I was honored to talk with you. Your book is gold, your audio messages are freak’in unreal, you really know your stuff. I have been looking for your stuff for 30 ++ years. Since 1972 I have read hundreds of books, studied hundreds of dvds/vhs tapes. I have 2 brown belts in old school Tae Kwon Do Ji Do Kwan and one in old combat Kenpo. I have also studied Kung Fu, Jiu Jitsu and military systems. I have not ever seen anything like your system ever. I can’t put a price on this information it’s awesome. Thank you for sharing your TSD system.”
Billy Isabella


I have been getting a lot of requests lately for DVD’s and other products, teaching my methods. Due to my busy training schedule, It has taken much longer than I wanted to get my products out, so, in the meantime, I am going to do something that I have never done before–I am going to recommend a product put out by another trainer.

I want you to know that I am doing this because I know you will benefit from the information that my friend, Norm Bettencourt has to offer and am not recieveing a single penny for my recommendation.

I say again, this recommendation is COMPLETELY UNPAID and I will recieve ABSOLUTELY NO FINANCIAL COMPENSATION WHATSOEVER for doing it.

What I am recommending you take a serious look at is the book “Secrets of Street Combat” by Norm Bettencourt.

Although no two people are exactly alike, I have found no other trainer who shares so many concepts with me as Norm, perhaps because he is also a “skinny bouncer,” who cannot rely on his physique to intimidate his opponents and therefore finds himself fighting more than most “cock diesel,” muscle bound guys who look mean enough to just scare people away.

He has learned to deal with fear, feed his killer instinct and DEFEAT MUCH LARGER AND STRONGER ATTACKERS.

I know a fraud when I see one and I’m telling you right now that NORM IS THE REAL DEAL. He has been there and done that and come back alive to share his experiences, good and bad.

I got a sneak peek at this book before it went to the printer and I was very pleased at the fine job he did to distill his lifetime of training, teaching and plain old brawling into an easily understandable and complete book that covers all mental and physical aspects of fighting very well.

Christopher “Bob” Roberts
Founder of Extreme Measures Institute


The Truth Is Exposed… I Lay It All Out on the Line for You

Secrets of Street Combat is a personal protection book on steroids. It is ferociously
effective, simple and sinister; this book is the only one of its kind. It’s not a book about techniques, remember your most likely won’t be able to remember your name or control your bladder when your attacker has you at knife point so how are you going to remember a technique…BOTTOM LINE YOU’RE NOT. Instead I show you a completely different
approach to using violence.

Look at how effective thugs, criminals and street fighter’s are without any training or fancy techniques. They know how to use violence effectively and to there advantage.
Secrets of Street Combat will show you how to use violence to your advantage with its “explosive outside the box” methods regardless of you’re size, skill and strength or if you’re timid by nature.

This book is so unique, so special and so effective that it will cause a paradigm shift in how you look at using violence. This book will cause you to rethink everything you thought about personal protection and will give you an extremely realistic solution to protecting yourself. Secrets of Street Combat will become you’re underground Holy Grail of
violence that’s how revolutionary this book is.

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There’s no such thing as a dirty fighter only an educated one.

Norm Bettencourt