Tactical Mental Toughness Training To Control F.E.A.R So It Doesn’t Cripple & Paralyze You

Dealing With Combat Stress: Fight/Flight/Freeze Response So You Possess Unshakable Confidence, Courage & Bravery During Violent


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Fear Exposure Anxiety Reduction
Ever wonder how you will react to a real life violent situation?
Does fear control you when you’re anticipating aggression?
Do you feel like a “closet coward” even with
years of training under your belt?
Do you feel like a sheep among wolves when it
comes to protecting yourself and loved ones?
Do you freeze up during a physical altercation?
Do you find that regardless of what you try you still
cannot overcome the “flight/freeze” response?

If you said yes to ANY these questions you are not alone, I completely understand what you are going through because I have gone through the exact same thing for years even after having obtained a Black Belt. This is why I have dedicated years of my life to researching the “flight/fight/freeze” response and on how to manage and control fear.

Now ninety percent of the people I train ask me to “take away” their fear. While this is understandable, it is not advisable. We actually need to feel fear, it actually protects and helps us. Fear is the early-warning system that our mind uses to communicate life-saving information to the body.

That is why I refer to my training as:
Fear Exposure (not Elimination) Anxiety Reduction Training.

Fear is not something you want to be totally eliminated,if you were to eliminate it you would not take a threat seriously and you would get hurt or killed. You want to manage and control fear so it works to your benefit then you are able to protect yourself
in a threatening situation.

The reality of it is when you’re threatened, you start feeling scared, shaky, while
anticipating violence and this is very normal, trying to figure out what self defense
technique to use, becoming confused with all the information running around in your head.

All of a sudden you’re STUCK ON STUPID in FLIGHT/FREEZE mode and BAM!
You’re attacked and you can’t do a thing because your overwhelmed, frozen in fear (freeze response).

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For years I felt insecure and inferior thinking I was the only Black Belt who was a “closet coward”. I was tired of running around in circles chasing my own tail when it came to
overcoming my fear of altercations. So I decided to look at different avenues when it came to fear management.

You Must Retrain Your Brain When It Comes To Fear Management


I began researching the psychological aspects of the adrenaline dump and the “flight/fight/freeze response”, studied hypnosis, psycho-cybernetics, NLP and other triggering techniques,
researched the natural primal physiological responses that the human brain/body has to violence. Trained and interviewed combat personnel who placed there lives on the line
everyday on how they handled and controlled their fears.

Through my research I found a common element with everyone that was able to control there fear response. I also realized that everyone at one point or another in there lives
including YOU has been able to control there fear. We just don’t realize how we did it or how to control fear at will. UNTIL NOW! The 1st step is to retrain your brain to what message you tell it when you assess a threat.

Cutting Through The Complicated Psycho Babble Crap

So let me get straight to the point without going through a ton of wordy psychological terminology. No one gives rats ass on how smart I think I am so I am not going to go into the different parts of the brain, what it’s call or  what it does etc. What people want is the straight forward goods on how to control fear in a layman’s terms without having to look through a dictionary and scratching there heads trying to figure this shit out.


First of all what we think is what we feel, every time you feel an emotion there are thoughts before hand going off in your brain triggering numerous different conscious and sub conscious messages that get you to feel an emotion (a thought comes before every feeling). When you assess a threat your brain automatically sends itself countless messages within mille seconds.

Fight or Freeze/Flight…Combat Is 90% Mental Only 10% Physical

You can control with the proper training what type of messages/thoughts you send
yourself. In the majority of cases without training you usually send yourself a fear based
message (most people fall in this category subconsciously choosing fear based thoughts without even realizing it) instead of a fight based message.

I found that people who can control there feelings of fear knew how to send themselves “fight” based messages/thoughts being able to trigger their “Killer Instinct Mindset” instantly at will. This in turn allows you to feel aggression instead of fear, allowing you without hesitation to use violence to injure and harm someone without blinking an eye in a controlled manner just as fast as flicking on a light switch then shutting it off when the threat has been disabled or eliminated.

Overcoming combat and survival situations is 90% mental and only 10% physical you have to train your mind to be able to control fear (fear is learned and can be unlearned through proper training). If you do not train your mind it does not matter how effective
your physical tactics are they will be useless because you will be in the “flight/freeze
response” unable to respond to the physical threat presented to you.

Just take a look at the worst person to deal with when it comes to violence it’s not the street fighter, military specialist it’s the psycho, his mindset is ramped up ten times more then the average person . Being unafraid or unfazed with any physical stimulus
that’s presented to him this mindset makes him unstoppable.

You have heard of cops dealing with subjects like these having to taser and pepper spray them with no effect then shooting them countless times before being able to stop them. Isn’t that how you want to be when you’re fighting to protect yourself and loved
ones UNSTOPPABLE & FEARLESS? Then order your 41 page Anatomy of Fear Special
Report now to become that way.


Because I believe everyone should have access to this 41 page life saving report. It is vital to the success of your self defense to train mentally. Your mind is your most powerful weapon train your brain just as much as you train your body.



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Retrain Your Brain

Norm Bettencourt