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Dear Friend,

Most likely you have searched many websites that have made dozens, if not
hundreds of claims to “be the only right choice” in self defense and survival techniques.

Then, after you make the investment of time, money and effort, you realize it was just
another scam of something presented before, but with a little different twist on it.

Or what you get is a million different complicated martial arts or MMA tactics that take years of training to remember and are sport based incorporating RULES and considering fighters safety and their careers.

Don’t know about you but I have never heard of street violence having rules or referees making sure everyone plays by the book.

There are no rules on the streets or in violence, plain and simple. Your system should
follow the same principles or your screwed or worse yet DEAD.

So your search continues, only to find that after dozens of these attempts, you simply
became disillusioned and greatly disappointed in your findings.

Don’t worry we’ve all been there….

My Energy & Passion For Self Defense & Survival Is Unmatched, I Was Born To Do This

Hi my name is Norm Bettencourt I am the creator of Tactical Self Defense. I am only 5’5 and weigh 162 LBS. What I lack in size I have in confidence. I eat, live and sleep for personal protection and survival. It’s all I think about, it’s all I talk about. There’s no other world for me. It’s my passion and purpose.

Everyday that I wake up I am trying to find new and better ways to show you how to
survive violence and disasters. It’s my personal mission to give you the best self defence and urban survival skills so you are 100% prepared to handle any type of threat. I believe as an instructor this is my moral duty. I love what I do and I get pumped to get out of bed especially when my students are able to protect themselves in any survival situation. I think that this is the most important job in the world.

My goal for you is to live a long life free from violence and eventually die comfortably of old age hopefully while your asleep.

But you’re not the only one who gets a vote on how things are going to turn out.

If some criminal decides he is going to take you or your family out, I want to stack the odds as much as in your favor as possible.

I think my program will help do exactly that.

Here is a quick bio and some of the publications and shows I have been on:

 Norm & The Guardian Angels

  • Certified Black Belt in the All Japan Karate Federation
  • World renowned combat authority who has been featured and consulted on numerous radio, television, newspapers around the globe
  • Published author of self defense books, articles and dvd’s
  • Certified Bodyguard/Executive Protection Agent
  • Former Nightclub Bouncer
  • Crowd Control
  • Band Security
  • Former Assault Prevention Training Coordinator for the Vancouver Guardian Angels
  • Trained over 10,000 civilians, first responder’s, security, military and law enforcement personnel
  • Certified Advanced Security Training Instructor under the Justice Institute of British Columbia (JIBC)
  • Certified Basic Security Training Instructor under the Justice Institute of British Columbia (JIBC)
  • Member of the International Society of Close Quarter Combatants (ISCQC)
  • Combat Researcher & Consultant
  • Red Cross First Aid Instructor
  • Occupation First Aid Instructor (OFA)
  • Loss Prevention Instructor
  • Urban Survival Instructor
  • Law and Use of Force Instructor
  • Provincial Violence Prevention Curriculum Instructor (PVPC)
  • Crisis Prevention Institute Instructor (CPI)
  • Management of Aggressive Behaviour Instructor & Train The Trainer (MOAB)
  • Consultant for The Ministry of Public Safety
  • Tactical Communications Instructor (TAC COMM)
  • Two decades security experience in the private security sector, worked undercover during civil disturbances and high profile World Events

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Before creating the Tactical Self Defense System all of my personal experiences with any type of threat was the same…As adrenaline pumped full speed inside my veins as a large angry thug threatened violence on me wanting to bash my brains in…my heart pounded inside my mouth…my legs felt as heavy as tree trunks I couldn’t move…I was frozen…standing there stuck on stupid to confused to do anything when I had to protect myself.

Violent Encounters Are Not Telegraphed
Stop Training Like They Are

I was sick and tired of feeling anxiety, fear and feeling humiliated. I was frustrated that I couldn’t protect myself or loved ones and went on a mad mission to get to the truth about self defense and survival situations.


In The Last Two Decades I Have Studied Under & Trained With Elite Military Personnel & Civilians Who Survived Violence & Survival Situations

I have worked as a security professional working as a bouncer and bodyguard. I
interviewed and studied under countless ghetto street fighters, ex convicts, average
citizens who survived violent attacks and survival situations and researched and trained under the most effective military systems on the planet and still continue my self-defence training and research today.

I took on a scientific approach and analyzed countless self defense and survival tactics. I looked at how the human body responded to the adrenaline dump and how it naturally
responded to any type of survival threat.

Tactical Self Defense Will Show You How To Fight Like This…

Most of Hollywood’s choreographed fights scenes are unrealistic…but this scene from “Killer Elite” shows the realities of how you can take out an enemy using your environment just like Tactical Self Defense does.

Knowing The Science Behind Violence;
Research Taken From Solid Scientific Applications & Tested In The Real World

When your in a threatening situation your REPTILIAN BRAIN TAKES OVER it’s a simple truth. With that being said you cannot bypass thousands of years of human inherent instincts and reflexes.When a human being responds to a violent threat instinctive responses occur psychologically and physiologically, responses such as fight/flight/freeze response,
attentional spotlight response, the break state response, the primal response, the flinch and spinal reflex response plus others. Self defense and survival systems MUST incorporate these intuitive responses/movements into it’s tactics instead of oppose them or else your doomed for failure.

As well my research uncovered to have a successful self defense and survival system it MUST have the following criteria:

Requirement #1
Learn from self defense and survival instructors who are survivors of violence, bouncers, body guards, and military personnel. They have experienced violence and survival
situations first hand and know what works.

Bottom Line:
You respond like how you train make sure you are being trained by someone who has been there and done it.

Requirement #2
Your self defense/survival system should focus on simple tactics so they can be learned
instantly and remembered in times of crisis because you cannot bypass thousands of years of biological instinct.

Bottom Line:
You want to know how to protect yourself TODAY not in a few days, weeks or months so tactics have to be easy to retain…you should be able to see the tactic once and know it. The system should focus on improvisational tactics based on gross motor skills because fine motor skill tactics are impossible to execute during times of crisis.

The adrenaline dump will play extreme havoc on your body and mind making the simplest of tasks difficult to execute.Listen to a 911 call when a person is under distress and
adrenaline is pumping full speed in their veins. The operator will ask the caller their name and the caller will not be able to remember it.

Adrenaline plays a huge factor such as remembering something simple as your name (how long have you known that for?). Now how are you going to remember anything more
complicated then that YOU’RE NOT. Don’t get suckered and fall for the hype that’s out there.

Requirement #3
Personal protection and survival systems should focus on the mental aspects of a threat and survival situations so your better able to handle whatever comes your way.

Bottom Line:
Survival is 90% mental and only 10% physical. You have to train your mind to be able to control fear (fear is learned and can be unlearned through proper training). You must be able to trigger your “Killer Instinct & Survival Mindset”. Sign up for my special report at the top right hand side of this page to learn how.

Requirement #4
Your a mess when under stress. Self defense/survival techniques should be similar in movement from one another.

Bottom Line:
The less techniques you know that faster your reaction time will be and you will avoid
becoming confused on what to do in that given situation. Having a library of techniques will only harm you and delay your response to a threat, this is what is called HICKS LAW.


Requirement #5
Self defence targeting tactics should attack universal anatomic weak points of the body so you finish the fight quickly and avoid exchanging blows with your enemy.

Bottom Line:
Get the job done FAST you don’t want to give your enemy a chance to pull out a weapon or have his friends join in.

Requirement #6
Self defense programs must be street based NOT martial arts based. When it comes to
violence anything goes, bite, eye gouge, use your environment, catch your enemy off guard by suckering him/her. There is no rules when it comes to protecting yourself against a
violent attacker.

Bottom Line:
There’s no such thing as a dirty fighter, only an educated one.

Requirement #7

When you block your attacking at the same time. This will avoid “negative time framing.” This in turn will make it harder for the aggressor to protect themselves.

Bottom Line:

Killing two birds with one stone.

WARNING: You’re On Your Own…Only You Can Help Yourself

Most people have a naive notion that if there is trouble the police or government will be there to help…They usually get there after the fact. In other words they are sitting ducks expecting a hand out and wouldn’t know what to do until police arrived in this situation.

You on the other hand you are PROACTIVE since you are looking over this site taking
responsibility for your own safety and survival.

HICK’S LAW: Less Is More When It Comes To Self Defense & Urban Survival

Self defense and survival tactics must be simple and matter of fact to be effective. The reason being is this when crap hits the fan your instinct takes over; you will be triggered by primal behavioral responses. You will either go into “fight or flight mode” due to the
adrenaline dump. Remember what I stated before people find it hard to remember there names in crisis situations (it does not have to be life and death circumstance either it can be just a threatening situation.

Now let’s say you are held up at knife point and you have no way out. You have learned ten different ways to disarm someone with a knife in your self defense system. What happens within the next few mille seconds is that your brain will try to figure out which self defense technique is best to use in that given situation.

Your brain will scan all those knife disarming techniques to find the best match for that
situation. The problem is that it will begin confusing all the techniques you know, mixing up one from another and you become stuck on stupid and frozen because you’re too stressed to figure things out and you don’t know what to do. Also by knowing countless techniques you will increase your reaction time exponentially.

Self Defense & Survival Tactics That Have Factored In The Bodies Instinctual
Responses And Stresses To A Threat So You Know What To Do When It Matters Most

You MUST keep tactics ridiculously simple and basic that a child could do them while at the same time be similar in movement from one another so you only have a few tactics to remember during times of extreme stress regardless if you’re blocking a strike or
disarming someone with a weapon or looking for water in an urban survival situation. This in turn will decrease your reaction time and you will remember what you need to do in any given stressful situation.

Realistic Self Defense Through Research, Analysis, Experimentation
& Evolution

I focus my analysis on FACTS & STATISTICS and leave the B.S hype and “sexy techniques” to others. Every survival situation is unique & NOTHING GOES AS PLANNED therefore you must train that way. You must know how to protect yourself physically
(to injure someone and care for your own injuries), mentally (deal with fight/flight/freeze), spiritually (training yourself to be OK with harming another person) and legally (so your not jailed or sued). If you don’t know how to go about doing ALL of these things then your doomed for failure.

So if you want to know how to defeat a bigger, stronger man TODAY then check out any one of my products such as…

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Realistic Self Defense Through Research

Norm Bettencourt

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