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Tactical Self Defense’s Downloadable DVD’s

Within 24HRS Get Downloadable Access To The Planets Most Realistic Combat Tactics At One Flat Price…Learn It Today Use It Today…It’s That Simple Yet Brutally Effective

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These combat self defense tactics on these DVD’s are like no other. Here at TSD we do not focus on fine motor skill tactics for it is too difficult to remember something as simple as your name during an adrenaline dump. So how will you remember
some complicated self defense technique…you’re not.

We focus on simplistic targeting tactics because self defense is about survival and
improvisation. If you’re looking for pretty this is not the place to get it, that’s movie stuff. We are to the point, raw and ugly. Our tactics are based on the natural and instinctive anatomic responses that the human body has when affected by an adrenaline dump.

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Savage Stand Up Street Combat

Get Instant Downloadable Access For Only $27.00 USD
(30 Minutes)

Savage Stand Up Street Combat: Closing The Distance, Close Quarters, Finishers is hard hitting jaw dropping DVD that will show you how to realistically close the distance, destroy your enemy in close quarter situations regardless if he’s a bigger man and finish him off. This brutal and instinctive combat self defense system shows you the targets to hit that drop the meanest S.O.B’s around by focusing on the anatomic weaknesses of the body which cannot be conditioned.

Inside this DVD you will discover…

  • How to close the distance while you avoid entering the kill zone
  • Barbaric instinctive tactics that don’t require skill precision or follow a step by step format that successfully destroys an attacker instantly
  • The most brutal close quarter tactics on the planet to stop anyone regardless of their size dead in their tracks
  • The one tactic that can be used 100% of the time regardless of what situation you are in, which is the most underused by the general public
  • Bone crushing finishers that finish the fight FAST and keep your enemy on the ground
  • The “invisible elbow block attack” that completely takes your attacker by surprise and takes away his weapons
  • Devastating tactics that are similar in movement from one another so they are easy to remember and execute in times of crisis.

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Guerrilla Ground Fighting For The Streets

Get Instant Downloadable Access For Only $27.00 USD
(30 Minutes)