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Dear Friend,

Most likely you have searched many websites that have made dozens, if not
hundreds of claims to “be the only right choice” in self defense and survival techniques.

Then, after you make the investment of time, money and effort, you realize it was just another scam of something presented before, but with a little different twist on it.

Your search continues, only to find that after dozens of these attempts, you
simply became disillusioned and greatly disappointed in your findings.

Don’t worry we’ve all been there….

My Energy & Passion For Self Defense & Survival Is Unmatched, I Was Born To Do This

My name is Norm Bettencourt I am the creator of TSD I am also a former bouncer/bodyguard. I have worked as a security professional in some of the toughest night clubs, worked on skid row on the Vancouver Downtown East Side, have protected executives in hostile environments and worked
undercover during civil disturbances and high profile World Events.
I instruct full time combat, first aid, use of force, law and urban survival
tactics in Vancouver BC, Canada to civilians, first responders,
law enforcement, military and to security professionals.

I am only 5’6 with boots on and only weigh 170 LBS. What I lack in size I have in confidence. I eat, live and sleep for personal protection and survival. It’s all I think about, it’s all I talk about. There’s no other world for me. It’s my passion and purpose.

Everyday that I wake up I am trying to find new and better ways to show you how to survive violence and disasters. It’s my personal mission to give you the best self defence and urban survival skills so you are 100% prepared to handle any type of threat. I believe as an instructor this is my moral duty. I love what I do and I get pumped to get out of bed especially when my students are able to protect themselves in any survival situation. I think that this is the most
important job in the world.

Here is a quick bio and some of the publications and shows I have been on:

 Norm & The Guardian Angels

Norm Bettencourt (left) is a certified Black Belt in the All Japan Karate
Federation. He is also a world renowned combat authority who has been
featured and consulted on numerous radio, television, newspapers around the globe , is a published author and is the former Assault Prevention Training Coordinator for the Vancouver Guardian Angels Chapter. He has trained over 10,000 civilians, first responder’s, security, military and law enforcement
personnel. He is also a certified Basic Security Training Instructor under the
Justice Institute of British Columbia (JIBC), is a member of the International
Society of Close Quarter Combatants (ISCQC), Red Cross First Aid and Urban
Survival Instructor and has two decades security experience in the private
security sector. Check out my credentials here.

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Before creating the Tactical Self Defense System all of my personal experiences with any type of threat was the same…As adrenaline pumped full speed inside my veins as a large angry thug threatened violence on me wanting to bash my brains in…my heart pounded inside my mouth…my legs felt as heavy as tree trunks I couldn’t move…I was frozen…standing there stuck on stupid to
confused to do anything when I had to protect myself.

The Majority Of Violent Encounters Are Not Telegraphed So Stop Training Like They Are



I was sick and tired of feeling anxiety, fear and feeling humiliated. I was
frustrated that I couldn’t protect myself or loved ones and went on a
mad mission to get to the truth about self defense and survival situations.


In The Last Two Decades I Have Studied Under & Trained With Elite Military Personnel & Civilians Who Survived Violence & Survival Situations

I have worked as a security professional working as a bouncer and bodyguard. I interviewed and studied under countless ghetto street fighters, ex convicts,
average citizens who survived violent attacks and survival situations and
researched and trained under the most effective military systems on the planet and still continue my self-defence training and research today.

I took on a scientific approach and analyzed countless self defense and survival tactics. I looked at how the human body responded to the adrenaline dump and how it naturally responded to any type of survival threat.

Tactical Self Defense Will Show You How To Fight Like This…

Most of Hollywood’s choreographed fights scenes are unrealistic…but this scene from “Killer Elite” shows the realities of how you can take out an enemy using your environment just like Tactical Self Defense does.


Research Taken From Solid Scientific Applications & Tested In The Real World

When your in a threatening situation your REPTILIAN BRAIN TAKES OVER it’s a simple truth. With that being said you cannot bypass thousands of years of
human inherent instincts and reflexes.When a human being responds to a
violent threat instinctive responses occur psychologically and physiologically,
responses such as fight/flight/freeze response, attentional spotlight response, the break state response, the primal response, the flinch and spinal reflex
response plus others. Self defense and survival systems MUST incorporate these intuitive responses/movements into it’s tactics instead of oppose them or else your doomed for failure.

As well my research uncovered to have a successful self defense and survival
system it MUST have the following criteria:

Requirement #1
Learn from self defense and survival instructors who are survivors of violence, bouncers, body guards, and military personnel. They have experienced violence and survival situations first hand and know what works.

Bottom Line:
You respond like how you train make sure you are being trained by someone who has been there and done it.

Requirement #2
Your self defense/survival system should focus on simple tactics so they can be learned instantly and remembered in times of crisis because you cannot bypass thousands of years of biological instinct.

Bottom Line:
You want to know how to protect yourself TODAY not in a few days, weeks or months so tactics have to be easy to retain…you should be able to see the tactic once and know it. The system should focus on improvisational tactics based on gross motor skills because fine motor skill tactics are impossible to execute
during times of crisis.

The adrenaline dump will play extreme havoc on your body and mind making the simplest of tasks difficult to execute.Listen to a 911 call when a person is
under distress and adrenaline is pumping full speed in their veins. The operator will ask the caller their name and the caller will not be able to remember it.
Adrenaline plays a huge factor such as remembering something simple as your name (how long have you known that for?).
Now how are you going to remember anything more complicated then that YOU’RE NOT. Don’t get suckered and fall for the hype that’s out there.

Requirement #3
Personal protection and survival systems should focus on the mental aspects of a threat and survival situations so your better able to handle whatever comes your way.

Bottom Line:
Survival is 90% mental and only 10% physical. You have to train your mind to be able to control fear (fear is learned and can be unlearned through proper
training). You must be able to trigger your “Killer Instinct & Survival Mindset”.

Requirement #4
Your a mess when under stress. Self defense/survival techniques should be similar in movement from one another.

Bottom Line:
The less techniques you know that faster your reaction time will be and you will avoid becoming confused on what to do in that given situation. Having a library of techniques will only harm you and delay your response to a threat, this is what is called HICKS LAW.

Remember complication is like masturbation, you only screw yourself. K.I.S.S: KEEP IT SIMPLE SIMILAR

Requirement #5
Self defence targeting tactics should attack universal anatomic weak points of the body so you finish the fight quickly and avoid exchanging blows with your enemy.

Bottom Line:
Get the job done FAST you don’t want to give your enemy a chance to pull out a weapon or have his friends join in.

Requirement #6
Self defense programs must be street based NOT martial arts based. When it comes to violence anything goes, bite, eye gouge, use your environment, catch your enemy off guard by suckering him/her. There is no rules when it comes to protecting yourself against a violent attacker.

Bottom Line:
There’s no such thing as a dirty fighter, only an educated one.

WARNING: You’re On Your Own…Only You Can Help Yourself

Most people are naive notion that if there is trouble the police or government will be there to help…They usually get there after the fact. In other words they are sitting ducks expecting a hand out.

You on the other hand are PROACTIVEsince you are looking over this site taking responsibility for your own safety and survival.

HICK’S LAW: Less Is More When It Comes To Self Defense & Urban Survival

Self defense and survival tactics must be simple and matter of fact to be effective. The reason being is this when crap hits the fan your instinct takes over; you will be triggered by primal behavioral responses. You will either go into “fight or flight mode” due to the adrenaline dump. Remember what I stated before
people find it hard to remember there names in crisis situations (it does not have to be life and death circumstance either it can be just a threatening

Now let’s say you are held up at knife point and you have no way out. You have learned ten different ways to disarm someone with a knife in your self defense system. What happens within the next few mille seconds is that your brain will try to figure out which self defense technique is best to use in that given

Your brain will scan all those knife disarming techniques to find the best match for that situation. The problem is that it will begin confusing all the techniques you know, mixing up one from another and you become stuck on stupid and frozen because you’re too stressed to figure things out and you don’t know what to do. Also by knowing countless techniques you will increase your reaction time exponentially.

Self Defense & Survival Tactics That Have Factored In The Bodies Instinctual Responses And Stresses To A Threat So You Know What To Do When It
Matters Most

You MUST keep tactics ridiculously simple and basic that a child could do them while at the same time be similar in movement from one another so you only have a few tactics to remember during times of extreme stress regardless if you’re blocking a strike or disarming someone with a weapon or looking for
water in an urban survival situation. This in turn will decrease your reaction time and you will remember what you need to do in any given stressful situation.

Realistic Self Defense Through Research, Analysis, Experimentation
& Evolution

I focus my analysis on FACTS & STATISTICS and leave the B.S hype and “sexy techniques” to others. Every survival situation is unique & NOTHING GOES AS PLANNED therefore you must train that way. You must know how to protect yourself physically (to injure someone and care for your own injuries),
mentally (deal with fight/flight/freeze), spiritually (training yourself to be OK with harming another person) and legally (so your not jailed or sued). If you don’t know how to go about doing ALL of these things then your doomed for failure.

So lets get started…



Inside The Bulletproof Bundle You Will Receive ALL of Tactical Self Defense’s Combat Fighting & Conditioning Secrets So You Can Protect Yourself In ANY Violent Encounter

bulletproof dvd images

Here’s What You Get…

The Holy Grail of Combat Self Defense Books… Secrets of Street Combat

Secrets Of Street Combat eBook

Book Details: Immediate Access to 178 pages containing lots of photos $37 Value.


This Book Is Ferociously Effective, Simple and Sinister It’s A Personal
Protection Book On Steroids.

This book is the only one of its kind. It will cause a paradigm shift in how you look at using violence and will give you an extremely realistic
solution to protecting yourself.Secrets of Street Combat deals with modern day violent threats. Bottom line it’s about survival plan and simple.

This book gives you “insider secrets” of individuals who survived violent street encounters. I don’t give you illusions or gimmicks. I give you the raw and uncensored information that will save your life. You will receive realistic solid psychological concepts and physical targeting tactics that places you ahead of our enemy and teaches you how to use violence to your advantage.
Here are the chapters…

Chapter 1
Less Is More When It Comes To Personal Protection

Just like the chapter title says less is more when it comes to personal protection. If you know to many self defense techniques it will only hinder you and confuse you. This in turn forces you into a state of flight/fear/freeze mode.You will not know what to do when the time comes to protect yourself or loved ones.

Chapter 2
Practice Doesn’t Make Perfect, Perfect Practice Makes Perfect

This chapter reveals the importance of how to properly train mentally and
physically to be able to handle and successfully deal with a violent encounter.

Chapter 3
How To Control Fear With The Killer Instinct Mindset

This chapter shows you how to control your fear response through simple
tactical breathing and triggering methods.

Chapter 4
The Six S’s

This chapter reveals to you the six fundamentals of street combat that all start with the letter “S”

Chapter 5
There’s No Such Thing As A Dirty Fighter, Only An Educated One

Discover the best tricks and secrets of highly effective criminals, elite military personnel and street fighters in destroying your enemy FAST.

Chapter 6
Weapons Use & Improvisation

Transform everyday objects into weapons of mass destruction to stop any
violent encounter on a dime.

Chapter 7
L .E .A .C. H – The Best Targets To Attack On The Human Body

Discover the best and most damaging and deadliest targets to attack on the
human body.

Chapter 8
Cheap Shots, Low Blows Cuz Anything Goes

The title of the chapter says it all need I say more?

Chapter 9
Weapons Disarming

Discover the dos and don’ts regarding weapons disarming. There are many
dangerous myths regarding weapons disarming that have gotten people hurt or killed, this chapter breaks down these myths and how to deal with an
armed assailant.


Here Is What Reader’s Are Saying

Hey Norm, how ya doing ? Ive just read your book and I must admit I learned a hell of a lot from it. I do quite a bit of bare knuckle fighting so hopefully the things I picked up from the read I can put into practice. Thanks again buddy and have a great weekend.

Tim Cutcliffe


“This book will shatter all of your false notions about real street self protection and when you finish it, I promise you that never again will you fear any man.”

Charles Prosper, aka “The Street Fighting Sifu”


“Secrets of Street Combat is a true to life, gritty revelation of what it takes to not only survive a physical confrontation in a modern day urban environment; but to be victorious. Norm Bettencourt, reflects on his experiences as a bouncer and his training as a black belt martial artist to provide the reader with sound, practical advice in reality based self defense.”
-Andy Curtiss – Author and Professional Mixed Martial Arts Athlete


Thank you very much for calling me today. I was honored to talk with you. Your book is gold, your audio messages are freak’in unreal, you really know your stuff. I have been looking for your stuff for 30 ++ years. Since 1972 I have read hundreds of books, studied hundreds of dvds/vhs tapes. I have 2 brown belts in old school Tae Kwon Do Ji Do Kwan and one in old combat Kenpo. I have also studied Kung Fu, Jiu Jitsu and military systems. I have not ever seen anything like your system ever. I can’t put a price on this information it’s awesome. Thank you for sharing your TSD system.”
Billy Isabella


I have been getting a lot of requests lately for DVD’s and other products, teaching my methods. Due to my busy training schedule, It has taken much longer than I wanted to get my products out, so, in the meantime, I am going to do something that I have never done before–I am going to recommend a product put out by another trainer.

I want you to know that I am doing this because I know you will benefit from the information that my friend, Norm Bettencourt has to offer and am not recieveing a single penny for my recommendation.

I say again, this recommendation is COMPLETELY UNPAID and I will recieve ABSOLUTELY NO FINANCIAL COMPENSATION WHATSOEVER for doing it.

What I am recommending you take a serious look at is the book “Secrets of Street Combat” by Norm Bettencourt.

Although no two people are exactly alike, I have found no other trainer who shares so many concepts with me as Norm, perhaps because he is also a “skinny bouncer,” who cannot rely on his physique to intimidate his opponents and therefore finds himself fighting more than most “cock diesel,” muscle bound guys who look mean enough to just scare people away.

He has learned to deal with fear, feed his killer instinct and DEFEAT MUCH LARGER AND STRONGER ATTACKERS.

I know a fraud when I see one and I’m telling you right now that NORM IS THE REAL DEAL. He has been there and done that and come back alive to share his experiences, good and bad.

I got a sneak peek at this book before it went to the printer and I was very pleased at the fine job he did to distill his lifetime of training, teaching and plain old brawling into an easily understandable and complete book that covers all mental and physical aspects of fighting very well.

Christopher “Bob” Roberts
Founder of Extreme Measures Institute



Hear It Straight From Me
Immediate Access To Rare MP3 Interviews 4 Hours In Total $90 Value

DVD raw and uncensored

In depth interviews giving you the inside scoop of the TSD philosophy on
personal protection.

I will answer all your questions regarding…

  • Gun Disarming Tactics
  • Knife Disarming Tactics
  • How & When To Strike
  • Ground Fighting For The Streets
  • Why You Don’t Need A Black Belt To Be Combat Ready
  • How To Use Every Day Items As Weapons
  • How To Control Fear
  • What’s Wrong With MMA For Street Defense
  • The Ultimate Self Defense Tactic That Is Seldom Used or Thought Off

TSD does not focus on fine motor skill tactics but gross motor skill tactics
during an adrenaline dump. Our tactics are based around the natural and
instinctive anatomic responses that the human body has when affected by an adrenaline dump because of a threat.


Savage Stand Up Street Combat


(30 Minutes)

Savage Stand Up Street Combat: Closing The Distance, Close Quarters,
It’s the brutal truth the best self defense moves do NOT come from your typical “martial arts school”. It comes from the ugly unfair streets. This
savage DVD will show you how to control and destroy a violent man who is twice your size regardless if your trying to close the distance, fighting in a phone booth (close quarter situations) or if your finishing him off.

    • Convicts “stealth secrets” to closing the distance to avoid detection
    • Barbaric tactics that don’t require skill or precision that will work
      every time on any attacker instantly
    • The most brutal and hardcore close quarter tactics on the planet to stop anyone regardless of their size dead in their tracks
    • The one extreme tactic that can be used any time regardless of what situation you are in, which is unknown to the general public
    • Bone crushing finishers that finish the fight FAST and keep your
      enemy down
    • Plus a hell of a lot more


Guerrilla Ground Fighting For The Streets

(30 Minutes)

Guerrilla Ground Fighting For The Streets DVD is ground fighting on steroids and will crank up your ground & pound arsenal it’s grappling with attitude. A no holds barred approach to street ground fighting not MMA ground fighting.
Discover the best take-downs and ground pounds that will knock the snot out of anyone.

You will discover…

    • Hard hitting, bone crushing take-downs that leave your attacker winded and out cold ending any fight in seconds
    • Barbaric grappling tactics that are banned from mixed martial arts and are “unknown” to the public
    • Regardless if you are flat on your back, face down or mounted with your hands pinned these outlaw ground tactics will give you the edge over your attacker
    • The ultimate vicious tactic that will work in any given grappling
      situation making you an all out monster of destruction.
    • Plus much more


Armed To The Teeth: Weapons Disarming & Improvising

(30 Minutes)

Armed To The Teeth: Weapons Disarming & Improvising DVD will reveal the TRUTH about weapons disarming tactics and how you can transform instantly ANYTHING around you as a weapon to control & destroy a dangerous criminal.


This DVD reveals…

    • How to instantly turn objects around you as a dangerous weapon to ass whip any threat.
    • The proper mentality you must possess when it comes to dealing with an armed attacker so your survive and stay alive.
    • How to disarm a thug with any type of weapon in lightening speed
    • The proper mindset you should have so your weapon is NEVER turned against you
    • Plus a ton more


(32 Minutes)

Crank: Head Manipulation Concepts: Regardless if you’re a beginner or
advanced combat practitioner this DVD reveals an anatomic truth of head
control which is wherever the head goes the body must follow. giving you freakish skills to your existing combat system

When you order this DVD discover…

        • Head manipulation tactics that will smash and cripple an enemy that’s twice your size
        • How to “steer” the head of the most resistant thug so you can easily toss and drop him in lightening speed
        • The CRANK TACTIC which allows you to throw a bigger man across a room knocking him senseless
        • How to effectively redirect and move your enemies body using the “crank tactic” regardless if your enemy is sitting, standing and lying on top of you so you have complete control of any given violent encounter
        • Plus many more tactics


(45 Minutes)

TMT (Tactical Muscle Training) DVD gives you combat ready go muscles that mimic combative tactics that you would be using during a violent altercation if, heaven forbid, you’re ever called upon to spring into action and kick some ass. Exercises are geared around increasing your tactical combat attributes which in turn makes you more proficient and highly effective when it comes to your
personal protection yet getting you into shape as well.

When you order TMT (Tactical Muscle Training) you will…

        • Become insanely strong which allows you to cripple
          anyone in your path.
        • Become a human wrecking ball with your striking/kicking power destroying whatever is in your way
        • Decrease your odds of being knocked out with a
          simple exercise
        • Have what it takes to handle whatever comes your way
          because your body is a fine tuned combat machine.
        • Plus many more tactically geared exercises


(30 Minutes)


The Ultimate Equalizer DVD is about pure survival plain and simple. This DVD reveals the one tactic that no man or woman should be without when it comes to their personal protection so you got what it takes to survive and stay alive. This insanely violent tactic can be incorporated into any existing system you practice.

When you order The Ultimate Equalizer DVD you will discover…

        • The raw violent personal protection tactic that will get you out of harms way FAST
        • What inmates in prison rely on to get the job done PRONTO
        • How this one instinctive tactic can be learned instantly
        • How you can apply this vile tactic from any angle to
          destroy the toughest S.O.B
        • How this sadistic tactic can instantly place your enemy into the flight response so your enemy urinates himself/herself
        • Plus a whole lot more


(45 Minutes)


FIST: Fighter’s Instinctive Scenario Training DVD shows you the secret science of combat training. For practice doesn’t make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect is TSD’s training motto.

When you order FIST: Fighter’s Instinctive Scenario Training DVD you will…

        • Retain your combat tactics almost instantly avoiding
          endless hours of repetitious training.
        • Be able to slow down and tactically think through a violent chaotic encounter increasing your odds of survival.
        • Ensure a winning combat mindset so you are able to
          respond to violence confidently.
        • Control the Flight/Fight Response so you are NEVER frozen in fear.
        • Avoid mistakes made through conventional training
        • Plus much more…


(45 Minutes)

Cheap Shots Low Blows Cuz Anything Goes DVD shows you the nasty fight tricks & secrets of seasoned criminals & street fighter’s.

When you order Cheap Shots, Low Blows Cuz Anything Goes DVD you will

        • How to execute the stealth pre-emptive strike your
          enemy wont know what hit him
        • How to delay your enemies response time using the “break state” technique
        • Ordinary clothing & objects that YOU can use to simply knock the snot out of someone instantly.
        • A filthy dirty little trick that takes away your enemies weapons without you having to lay a hand on him
        • Plus a bunch more filthy fight finishers, dirty tricks, cheap shots and low blows



combat medic

SURVIVE & STAY ALIVE….How To Take Care Of Your Injuries Sustained From Violent Encounters So You Win The Battle & War

I value your life so I am going to give you the cold hard truth about violence. Just because you know how to kick some ass don’t mean squat because that’s only half the truth when it comes to protecting yourself.

You need to know how to deal with your injuries so you SURVIVE AND STAY ALIVE.

It’s called taking a look at the BIGGER picture…

As a Certified Combat and First Aid Instructor I would like to begin by stating that you should always take a First Aid Course from a reputable organization so you know how to properly treat your injuries after a violent altercation as occurred.

Now with that being said you need to practice and rehearse those first aid
procedures at a constant level so you’re able to use them when the time comes. If you don’t you will simply “lose what you don’t use”.

People Forget Their First Aid Skills Because Of These Factors…
Complication And Stress

Most people for the life of them can’t remember what they learned in a First Aid class immediately after finishing the course.

Put the effects of adrenaline and stress into the equation while trying to remember these complicated medical procedures that you have seldom practiced when your guts are hanging out of you or there’s a gaping hole in your chest or if it’s a loved one ill during a survival situation.

And well you get the picture…


This is where my eBook Combat Medic comes in because it Keeps It Simple & Similar.

You May Of Won The Battle But That Doesn’t Mean You’re Going To Win The War

I believe that combat and first aid goes hand in hand. You may win the battle (the violent altercation) but you also need to know how to win the war (knowing how to deal with your injuries) or else you’re doomed for failure.

It’s actually all about common sense.

Look at it this way…


When REAL RAW PURE violence happens someone or both parties are going to get injured. The difference between winning and losing BOILS DOWN to not only knowing how to handle yourself physically but medically as well.

In fact look at how injuries happen during a violent encounter…

  • Your attacker pulls a knife out during a scuffle someone’s going to get cut usually you
  • Your suddenly ambushed by multiple attackers, you are going to suffer blunt force trauma
  • You’re in a bar and shots are fired and you get shot

There have been plenty of men who have been in violent altercations, killing or injuring their attackers in gun or knife fights but in the end died themselves due to one simple fact.

What You Don’t Know Will Kill You

Sadly most people don’t know what to do when it comes to dealing with their
injuries while waiting for EMS (Emergency Medical Services).

If you don’t know how to deal with your injuries then your life in serious danger my friend.

But That’s Not The WORSE Part Most Of These Injuries Are Actually Non-Life Threatening If Treated IMMEDIATELY

So let me ask you this…

Isn’t it important to know a few simple life-saving combat first aid skills so you’re able to survive and see your loved ones again?

Yet it’s a painfully harsh reality that most people are completely unprepared to handle combat and survival medical injuries.

Most people will not remember their First Aid skills when they need it the most.

This is the reason why I created this clear, simple and concise manual titled Combat Medic.

So if putting in the training time to horn your first aid skills is an issue you will still be able to utilize the first aid tactics from this manual because of its

Here’s How To Master Life Saving Combat Medic Skills Instantly

Combat Medic will show you how to do just that regardless if you’re dealing with minor or major life threatening injuries.

  • Find out why it’s vital to perform a Rapid Body Scan “RBS” after all
  • Secrets of emergency medical services, military and tactical law
    enforcement teams in dealing with serious deadly bleeding injuries.
  • Get the scoop on what first aid items you should have on your persons in your everyday carry kit which is ideal for the minimalist and can save your butt regardless of what injury you have sustained.
  • How to stay “convert” so you don’t attract unwanted attention to yourself after a violent “bloody” altercation so you get away
  • How to deal with seeing the sight of your own blood so you don’t pass out or panic when you need to deal with your own wounds quickly.
  • Find out what the signs of internal bleeding are to prevent an assumed
    minor injury from turning into a serious deadly internal bleeding injury.
  • Know how to treat arterial bleeding using four different methods so if your first method doesn’t work you have three other options to fall back on,
    exponentially increasing your odds of survival.
  • Regardless if your injury is a minor or major wound learn a simple way of remembering your first aid skills using the combat medic format so you don’t freak out, freeze up and forget.

Plus a whole lot more…

These Are Critical Life Saving Skills That You Need To Know NOW… BEFORE You Suffer An Injury In An Attack!

There’s no skill more vital than being able to treat yourself medically so you
survive a violent attack and are able to live to see another day. This is about life or death!

And if you’re serious about you’re self defense and being able to handle yourself then this ebook is for you.

When you get your copy of “Combat Medic” today, you tap into medical skills that combat professionals know to dramatically shortcut your path of
survivability. That is what Combat Medic is all about.

BONUS #2 Law & Self Defense: How To Win The War In The Courtroom When Using Force ABSOLUTELY FREE




When it comes to self defense or personal protection what thoughts
immediately come to your mind?

Many people automatically think of physical combat skills, few think of liability or legal ramifications of using force in a self defense situation.

This simple no nonsense 28 page special report I am about to share with you is going to cover this aspect of self defense which is seldom thought of or practiced in most self defense and combat schools around the world.

I have taught use of force and law courses for many years and the most common question I get from clients is…

“Why do I have to worry about what I say to 911 and police when they arrive at a scene where I had to use force to protect myself or my loved ones? I didn’t do anything wrong, I was just protecting myself, I didn’t start anything”

The problem with this mindset is that law has nothing to do with right or wrong, it has everything to do with “loop holes”.

If someone has a good lawyer, YOU not the thug that has attacked or tried to rob you will be found guilty of wrong doing.

After reading this special report you will discover how to avoid these loop holes by…

    • Finding out the one phrase police want to hear from you after using force in a self defense situation, if you don’t say this you could end up in jail.
    • Straight to the point explanation of the Use Of Force Framework so you’re not charged with using excessive force.
    • Knowing the two things you need to ask for when you call 911.
    • What considerations the courts look at to justify using force in a self defense situation.
    • The one factor that can throw you in jail if you have it during an altercation regardless if you’re up against three armed thugs.
    • Plus much more


The Bulletproof Bundle Guarantee: You Will Know The Law So You Won’t Be Judged By 12 & You Will Have The Combat Tactics So You Won’t Be Carried By 6


Everything I have ever learned through the two decades of training with some of the worlds most dangerous people is in this package for only

$69.99 USD.

(SAVING YOU $236.00 if purchasing these products separately)

In summary you will receive…

    • Instant Access to my Secrets of Street Combat eBook $37 Value
    • Instant Access to 4 Hours Worth of MP3 Interviews $90 Value
    • Instant Access to 8 Instructional Fighting & Conditioning DVD’s $139 Value
    • BONUS #1:Instant Access to Combat Medic eBook $19.99 Value
    • BONUS #2:Instant Access to Law & Self Defense: How To Win The War In The Courtroom When You Use Force $19.99 Value

So if you are 19 years of age or older just click the PayPal button below and you will be sent to a secure page and you can safely place your order through PayPal.

By clicking “Buy Now” or by purchasing this product you agree that you are 19 years of age or over and waive your right to take any legal action whatsoever
towards Tactical Self Defense Inc and take full legal responsibility for any injury you may sustain from any of these techniques and any action you may take that violates any of the laws of your country through the misuse of information taken from this product.

Allow Up To 24 Hours For Your Order To Be Processed And A Reply Sent To You

Non PayPal members send a check or international money order in US funds payable to
send to the address below:
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Realistic Self Defense Through Research
Norm Bettencourt

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