The Revolution of Self Defense Training Has Started

“INSTANTLY” Protect Yourself Using This Simple Yet Devastating NEW Self Defense Combat System Taken From Elite Military Systems, Ex Convicts & Ghetto Street Fighter’s Which Have Factored In The Bodies Instinctual Responses And Stresses To Physical Violence & Where Every Move Takes Out Your Enemy FAST

Dear Friend,

Most likely you have searched many websites that have made dozens, if not hundreds of claims to “be the only right choice” in self defense survival techniques.

Then, after they make the investment of time, money and effort, you realize it was just another scam of something presented before, but with a little different twist on it.

Your search continued, only to find that after dozens of these attempts, you simple became disillusioned and greatly disappointed in your findings.

Don’t worry we’ve all been there….

Countless times in my life I have had to use violence to protect myself or loved ones…My heart was pounding inside my mouth…My legs felt as heavy as tree trunks…My body was trembling fueled with adrenaline.


“I wasn’t afraid”


  • I remember focusing on my enemies targets that I was going to confidently destroy.

  • I remember thinking that my enemy didn’t have a clue on who he was dealing with and that I was going to stop him in a blink of an eye.

  • I also remember that when after all was said and done I had the feeling of pure unstoppable power and self assurance that all my training had paid off.

    My Energy & Passion For Self Defense Is Unmatched

    My name is Norm Bettencourt I am a husband, and a dad of two beautiful kids. I am the creator of TSD I am also a former bouncer/bodyguard yet I am only 5’6 with boots on and only weigh 170 LBS. What I lack in size I have in confidence. I eat, live and sleep for personal protection. It’s all I think about, it’s all I talk about. There’s no other world for me. It’s my passion and purpose.

    Everyday that I wake up I am trying to find new and better ways to show you how to survive violence. It’s my personal mission to give you the skills so you are 100% prepared to handle a threat. I believe as a personal protection instructor this is my moral duty. I love what I do and I get pumped to get out of bed especially when my students are able to protect themselves from an all out violent attack. I think that this is the most important job in the world.

    Here are some of the publications and shows I have been on which you can check out:

     Norm & The Guardian Angels

    Norm Bettencourt (left) is a world renowned combat authority who has been featured on numerous radio, television, newspapers around the globe , is a published author and is the former Assault Prevention Training Coordinator for the Vancouver Guardian Angels Chapter.

    As seen on

    I Have Been A Bouncer & Security Professional For Years & Trained With Inmates, Ghetto Street Fighters, Elite Military Personnel & Civilians Who Survived Violence

    Before creating the TSD System all of my personal experiences with violence was different… I was frozen…standing there stuck on stupid to confused to do anything when I had to physically protect myself.

    I was sick and tired of feeling anxiety, fear and feeling humiliated. I was frustrated that I couldn’t protect myself or loved ones and went on a mad mission to get to the truth about self defense. I interviewed and studied under countless ghetto street fighters, ex convicts, average citizens who survived violent attacks and researched the most effective military systems on the planet.

    I took on a scientific approach and analyzed countless self defense/street fighting tactics. I looked at how the human body responded to the adrenaline dump and how it naturally responded to violence and put these street fighting tactics to the ultimate test against real life violence when having to protect myself or clients.

    Research Taken From Solid Scientific Applications

    When your in a threatening violent situation your REPTILIAN BRAIN TAKES OVER it’s a simple truth. With that being said you cannot bypass thousands of years of human inherent instincts and reflexes. When a human being responds to a violent threat instinctive responses occur psychologically and physiologically, responses such as fight/flight/freeze response, attentional spotlight response, the break state response, the primal response, the flinch and spinal reflex response plus others. Self defense systems MUST incorporate these intuitive responses/movements into it’s tactics instead of oppose them or else your doomed for failure.


    As well my research uncovered to have a successful self defense system it MUST have the following criteria:

    Requirement #1
    Learn from instructors who are bouncers, body guards, and military personnel or ex convicts. They have experienced violence and know what works when it comes to modern day violent encounters.

    Bottom Line:
    You fight like how you train. Out on the street there are no rules or 2nd chances you got to get it right the 1st time or it could be your last time breathing. Thugs are sneaky and have no problem doing whatever to you to get the upper hand or to snuff out your life. These instructors will show you all the cheap shots low blows because anything goes out on the streets.

    Requirement #2
    Your self defense/combat system should focus on targeting tactics so they can be learned instantly. All movements in your system should also be natural and instinctive because you cannot bypass thousands of years of biological instinct.

    Bottom Line:
    Do you want to know how to protect yourself TODAY not in a few days, weeks or months so tactics have to be easy to retain…you should be able to see the tactic once and know it. The system should focus on improvisational targeting tactics based on gross motor skills because fine motor skill tactics are impossible to execute during times of crisis.

    The adrenaline dump will play extreme havoc on your body and mind making the simplest of tasks difficult to execute.Listen to a 911 call when a person is under distress and adrenaline is pumping full speed in their veins. The operator will ask the caller their name and the caller will not be able to remember it. Adrenaline plays a huge factor such as remembering something simple as your name (how long have you known that for?). Now how are you going to remember anything more complicated then that YOU’RE NOT.

    At Tactical Self Defense our self defense/combat system also focuses on the natural and instinctive traits that the human body has when threatened by violence. Once again you cannot bypass thousands of years of biological instinct yet 99.9% of self defense and combat systems out there do just that. That is the reason why it is to difficult to remember and execute most combat tactics when crap hits the fan. Tactical Self Defense has solved that issue when it comes to your personal protection.

    Requirement #3
    Personal protection systems should focus on the mental aspects of combat so you can control fear and have the proper mindset to protect yourself and be able to injure and harm someone.

    Bottom Line:
    Combat is 90% mental and only 10% physical. You have to train your mind to be able to control fear (fear is learned and can be unlearned through proper training). You must be able to trigger your “Killer Instinct Mindset” to be able to effectively use violence. Just take a look at the worse person to deal with when it comes to violence it’s not the street fighter, military specialist it’s the psycho, his mindset is ramped up ten times more then the average person that’s what makes him almost unstoppable.

    Requirement #4
    Self defense techniques should be similar in movement from one another.

    Bottom Line:
    Tactics should remain similar regardless if your defending yourself against an attacker with a knife compared to someone throwing a punch at you. Or if you’re dealing with someone who’s 6’8, 300LBS compared to a 5’5 120LB goon the technique should work regardless of who you’re up against. You will not have time to think about altering/adjusting them. The less techniques you know that faster your reaction time will be and you will avoid becoming confused on what to do in that given situation. Having a library of techniques will only harm you and delay your response to the stimuli of violence.

    Through my research I created the TSD Street Fighting System that incorporates these findings into a simple system that is different from anything you have seen before. It’s practical and extremely effective when it comes to protecting yourself against full blown violence.

    Requirement #5
    Self defense targeting tactics should attack universal anatomic weak points of the body so you finish the fight quickly and avoid exchanging blows with your enemy.

    Bottom Line:
    You don’t want to be exchanging blows back and forth with your enemy this is about street survival. You want to finish the altercation as quickly as possible for who knows if your enemy has a back up weapon to use or friends that may join in on the fight, remember their are no rules out on the streets. You want to attack and focus on areas of the body that are universal anatomic weak points which cannot be conditioned, causes pain, destruction and a domino type of affect onto your enemies body when attacked (these are not pressure points either).

    This way you cause maximum damage onto your enemies body regardless if your blocking or striking giving you momentum and stopping your enemy dead in his tracks regardless of their size, strength and skill level. Remember their will always be someone who is stronger, faster and more skilled then you so by striking anatomic weak areas of the body you have the unfair advantage of equalizing the situation and finishing the fight immediately.

    WARNING: You’re On Your Own…Are You A Sheep Or A Sheep Dog?

    Most people are sheep. People who have the sheep complex have a naive notion that if there is trouble the police will be there to help…They usually get there after the fact.

    In other words they are sitting ducks. They think that they can talk there way out of a violent situation. Little do they know that you cannot reason with an insane person or they have the mentality “It won’t happen to me I live in an upscale quiet neighborhood.”

    WRONG! Think Again Because This Is You’re Reality

    Then There’s The Sheep Dog…But Just Because You Have A Weapon or Gun Don’t Mean Anything Most Bullets MISS Their Targets

    Then there’s the opposite side of the spectrum the person who is proactive, prepared and ready the sheep dog. But there can be issues with the sheep dog because they are given a false sense of security. People such as these will sometimes tell me “I carry a self defense weapon” or “I am a gun owner I don’t need to learn self defense”.

    Most people cannot get to there self defense weapon when there life is on the line. Most people improperly maintain and stage there weapon so they cannot deploy it in a split seconds notice when there and there families life is on the line.

    When it comes to firearms just look at the stats from the FBI. Most people can’t get to their firearms or miss their targets completely plan and simple. Law enforcement usually only hit their targets 25% of the time, civilians even less at a rate of only 10%.

    Why is that? Many factors come into play. Improper firearms training habits, in real life targets move and shoot back, at the gun range they don’t. Affects that adrenaline plays on your mind and body. Also real civilian gun fights happen at extreme close range (9ft or less) which makes deploying your firearm extremely difficult. Plus numerous other factors to consider so having a gun means nothing.

    “Outside The Box” Tactics That Are Off Limits & Unknown To The General Public

    TSD focuses on instinctive tactics that are triggered by primal survival responses that are similar in movement from one another keeping tactics practical and anatomically sound creating a domino type of effect to your attacker’s body when struck.

    FACT: Most People Deal With Violence With A Social Mentality…Sadly That’s How People Get SERIOUSLY HURT

    We also focus on the MENTAL ELEMENT of how to use violence to ones own advantage to destroy the enemy that’s where we differ. The TSD mindset is this there is no such thing as a dirty fighter only an educated one. RULES DON’T APPLY out on the streets.

    Your attackers intent is too knock the snot out of you at any costs or worse off sniff the life out of you as quick as he can without blinking an eye. Here at TSD we deal with worse case scenarios it’s about self preservation. This stuff isn’t about settling differences bare knuckle style that’s high school stuff, it’s not about sparring or social fighting, it’s about street survival. What I teach you is what I have taught my own family members when it comes to surviving PURE, RAW, BRUTAL violence.

    We don’t feed you illusions by making gimmick statements such as…If you want to disarm someone with a gun use our “super special secret technique” or Your attacker will never see you make your move or After viewing our DVD’s you will become untouchable.

    That’s not what TSD is about. If that’s what you are looking for this system is definitely not for you. That’s not reality when it comes to protecting yourself from violence. Instead we stick with realistic solid basic psychological and physical tactics that places you 5 steps ahead of your enemy.

    Our underground improvisational targeting tactics are to the point, natural, instinctive and similar in movement from one another that are based on gross motor skill tactics not on fine motor skills. This attitude puts momentum on your side so you control the fight.

    HICK’S LAW: Less Is More When It Comes To Self Defense

    Self defense must be simple and matter of fact to be effective. The reason being is this when crap hits the fan your instinct takes over; you will be triggered by primal behavioral responses. You will either go into “fight or flight mode” due to the adrenaline dump. Remember what I stated before people find it hard to remember there names in crisis situations (it does not have to be life and death circumstance either it can be just a threatening situation) that is why we don’t focus on techniques but on improvisational targeting.

    Now let’s say you are held up at knife point and you have no way out. You have learned ten different ways to disarm someone with a knife in your self defense system. What happens within the next few mille seconds is that your brain will try to figure out which personal protection tactic is best to use in that given situation.

    Your brain will scan all those knife disarming techniques to find the best match for that situation. The problem is that it will begin confusing all the techniques you know, mixing up one from another and you become stuck on stupid and frozen because you’re too stressed to figure things out and you don’t know what to do. Also by knowing countless techniques you will increase your reaction time exponentially.

    You must keep tactics ridiculously simple and basic that a child could do them while at the same time be similar in movement from one another so you only have a few self defense/street fighting tactics to remember during times of extreme stress regardless if you’re blocking a strike or disarming someone with a weapon. This in turn will decrease your reaction time and you will remember what you need to do in any given violent stressful situation.

    Realistic Self Defense Through Research & Analysis Based On FACTS & STATISTICS Not On B.S

    I have been there and done that, I have walked the talk. That’s the beauty of TSD I didn’t just make a personal protection system based on theory but on solid research that has been tested in real life violent encounters. I focus my analysis on FACTS & STATISTICS and leave the B.S hype and “sexy techniques” to others. Every violent altercation is unique & NOTHING GOES AS PLANNED therefore you must train that way. So feel free to take a look at the information on this website and take what you want and leave what you don’t want behind.

    There’s no such thing as a dirty fighter only an educated one.

    Norm Bettencourt

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